Cancellation of preferential tariffs

On 25 December 2023, Federal Law No.646-FZ came into force suspending certain provisions of international agreements of the Russian Federation on the facilitation of the issuance of visas to the citizens of the European Union, Denmark, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland.

From December, 25, 2023 reduced visa fees for citizens of the above-mentioned states are cancelled. For current visa fees please visit our website.


Office Working hours in December, January

Office be closed in the period 25.12.23-07.01.24 due to winter vacation.

Documents can as usual be sent by post and will be received, but there will be no visa processing during this period.


Russian visas for Icelanders

From August 1, 2023, the Russian Embassy in Iceland will stop issuing Russian visas. Citizens and residents of Iceland can apply for a Russian visa through the Russian Visa Center in Kirkenes.

To apply for a Russian visa, we recommend sending the documents to the visa center by mail. First, read the information about the documents required for visa processing, the cost of services and the postal address in the Postal Services section of our website.


Office Working hours in August

Office be closed in the period 31.07.23-21.08.23 due to summer vacation.

Documents can as usual be sent by post and will be received, but there will be no visa processing during this period.


Suspension of work

The Russian Visa Center in Oslo suspends the acceptance of documents for visa processing from April 19, 2022.

The issuance of documents after consideration will be carried out until April 29, 2022.


Temporary Changes in the rules for issuing visas for close family members

Due to irregularities in the work of international postal services from Russia , it is possible to obtain a visa for close family members of Russian citizens on the basis of notarised copies of documents.

The Embassy of Russia in Norway has temporarily allowed the issuance of visas for close relatives of Russian citizens on the basis of high-quality colour electronic copies of documents: an invitation certified by a notary service in Russia and notarized copies of documents of kinship.

If a Russian citizen lives in Russia and issues a visa invitation for their close relatives who are foreign citizens at a Russian notary and cannot send this invitation and notarized copies of documents of kinship to their relatives in Norway by international mail, then, as an temporary exception, issuing a visa to close relatives is allowed based on high-quality colour electronic copies of these documents.

At the same time, the applicant (that is, a foreign citizen applying for a visa to Russia) must additionally write a statement addressed to the Embassy of Russia in Norway stating that, upon returning from Russia, they undertake to hand over the original notarized invitation to the Embassy.

In case of violation of this obligation, a foreign citizen may be denied the issuance of the next visa to Russia in future.

An example of statement can be downloaded here.


Facemasks cancelled

On March 15, the mandatory use of masks in public places was canceled in Moscow. This decision is due to the steady improvement of the epidemiological situation. Thus, masks are not required to travel on public transport, visit museums, shops and cafes. Other anti-COVID measures are also canceled for organizations: measuring temperature of employees, installing dividing partitions at workplaces, etc.


QR codes cancelled

Dear applicants!

From March 3, the QR code system is canceled in Moscow, this also applies to foreign guests. Therefore, all restrictions on visiting theaters, museums, and restaurants are lifted. This list also includes cultural and entertainment events. In St. Petersburg, the QR code system will be canceled from March 4.


Regarding resumption for processing of all types of visas

In accordance with the guidelines of the Russian Federation of 23 October 2021, No. 3003-r, Norwegian citizens, third-country nationals, as well as stateless persons who have a residence permit in Norway or possess a document confirming their right to permanent residence in Norway, can contact the Visa Center for all types of visas in a regular way.

The visa center in Kirkenes is still closed until further notice.